Kris Di Carlo’s first experience with horses was unintentional. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, Kris spent time at his grandparent’s farm where he learned the fundamentals of horse care. This childhood hobby developed into a passion he never outgrew.

After college, Kris headed west to work at a breeding farm in New Mexico where he not only taught riding and competed but also learned techniques for breeding and raising foals. Seeking to learn the methodologies of training and horsemanship at the highest caliber, Kris moved to California to work with international Grand Prix and FEI World Cup rider Jenni Martin-McAllister and Steve McAllister. It was here that Kris tuned his talents both as a rider and trainer with an extensive focus in work on the flat and gymnastics. The core of the program uses a sensitive approach to unlocking the horses’ muscles while riding, through massage and stretching. On several occasions Kris also had the unique opportunity to work with Olympian Buddy Brown. As Assistant Trainer he worked long-hours diligently riding young horses, teaching and showing.

In 2012 Kris traveled to Florida to work as head trainer at a facility in Bradenton, FL. Kris successfully trained students from beginners all the way to the Grand Prix. In 2014 Kris made the decision to open his own equestrian training facility, Kris Di Carlo Equestrian, that would ultimately allow for him to continue his dedication to the maintenance and well-being of horse and rider. We welcome you to visit us at our facility in Bradenton, Florida.

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