We take pride in providing the best care for you and your equine partner.  Our boarders can take comfort in knowing that their horses are receiving top quality nutrition. We feed 1st cut premium Canadian hay throughout the day.  All horses are placed on an individual feed program as we are a Nutrena Horse Feed Certified Farm.  Stalls are mucked multiple times throughout the day and are bedded with premium dust free shavings. We take care of all farrier and vet scheduling. Each horse enjoys individual turnout throughout the day in our of our 11 grassy pastures.  Our pastures are safely treated for dangerous plants and pests and continuously reseeded and maintained allowing your horse to enjoy his/her time outdoors.


Students and horses in our training program achieve success through due to dedication and enthusiasm Kris has for each horse and rider combination.

The philosophy of classical horsemanship along with a growing understanding of the mechanics of the horse gives Kris the expertise to successfully care for and train a diverse group of horses and riders. Through his in depth knowledge of flatwork and gymnastics, Kris instills in horse and rider confidence and understanding of the technical aspects of jumping. This system translates into success over courses and in the show ring.

His knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to horse and rider makes Kris an ideal trainer. Respect and encouragement is the keystone to his training program. From beginners seeking to gain a solid foundation to those desiring to compete at the Grand Prix level, Kris brings an ever-growing wealth of knowledge and commitment to his clients. Kris is known for his ability to teach from the ground and also spends numerous hours in the saddle working individually with each horse in his training program.


We maintain an extensive network throughout the equestrian industry to help you lease or purchase your perfect equine partner.

We frequently have horses for sale or lease within our barn for various abilities and a wide range of price points.